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ETBHN Pharmacy first opened in 2004 serving 8 member centers and since have grown to 14 Community Centers, a county jail, and a local hospice.  The pharmacy currently handles about 1000 prescriptions a day and mails them out directly to the clinics across Texas.  They send medications to 76 clinics directly to the staff, giving the staff the opportunity to monitor compliance with their clients.




What do we offer?NewsletterPicture

  • Our goal is to save the centers money!  To accomplish this we keep our medications down to a minimum

  • Free access to website, provided by Morris & Dickson, www.mdcares.net which includes:

    • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) application wizard to expedite the PAP process

    • Track medications at the pharmacy and at the clinic

    • Your staff has the ability to monitor all medications, including your samples

    • Report builder for annual reports needed for documentation

    • And so much more…….

  • Free shipping to clinics

  • The pharmacy will maintain and rotate your PAP stock to prevent expiration problems for you

  • $1.00 filling fees for full price prescriptions and $5.00 PAP dispensing fees

  • Free training for your staff with continued support training the entire time you are with us

How to get started

If you would like any information about our pharmacy, please contact

Laura Steelman, Marketing Coordinator

936-633-5634 Office

Already a customer?

If you have questions pertaining to medications, please contact

Tonya Linstrom

800-564-6701 Ext 1502


If you have questions pertaining to billing, shipping or PAP, please contact

Alicia Bryan

800-564-6701 Ext 1511