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What is Telehealth?:

  • LPHAs for counseling & intake (or other duties requiring an LPHA sign-off, ie recovery plans, discharge summaries)

  • Flexible scheduling not limited to 40 hour work week

    • how many hours per week needed? specific days/time of day?

  • Right care for the right person

    • ability to intentionally schedule based on increased access to LPHAs with specialties

    • specific therapy modalities, specialized training, LCSW/LPC

  • We learn your systems and adapt to you

    • EMR, clinic flow, referral to other service line/community resources

  • Specific equipment used has been researched and tested to prove it is the best picture & sound quality

    • counseling via tele-video might not sound as personal, but, of the counseling services that have been provided, most say they didn’t notice it anymore before the end of the first session

  • Research has found the quality of the service greatly exceeds initial expectations

  • What we’ll need:

    • an office for tele-video equipment (provided by ETBHN)

    • an on-site staff member to assist in rooming, scheduling and assistance, if needed, in the event of a crisis during session

 Benefits of Telehealth:

  • Research consistently shows services via tele-video are just as effective, if not more, in some situations

    • those interested in technology that are historically opposed to counseling might find Telehealth intriguing

    • small communities = freedom to engage honestly with greater sense of privacy

  • Novelty factor that leads to positive expectancies of the therapeutic relationship

    • People with a “been there, done that” perspective on counseling might be willing to try a new way

  • Increased comfort about confidentiality

    • particularly in small communities where everybody knows everybody and you might see your providers at the grocery store

  • Greater access to expertise and specialty training available to individuals and populations that have historically lacked adequate access

  • Personnel issues eliminated

    • with exception of EMR training, no onboarding/training costs

How to get started

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